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We live in a global economy - ATTAC too!

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This article was published 16.04.01 on the discussion forum for ATTAC Norway
We live in a global economy - ATTAC too!

More and more do I get the feeling that ATTAC is presented and perceived by its members as an anti-globalisation movement. This greatly disappoints me. We live in a global economy. That is not what we should fight against. We should fight against lack of control and good governance of the new economy in fair manner that enhances stability. Our argumentation must therefore also build upon the fact that good regulations and certain state control of the marked forces are preconditions for a stabile economic development. Even financial moguls like George Soros and the World Bank has acknowledge that "good governance" greatly increases the efficiency and deceases the risks of investments. The new global economy gives new possibilities that the state authorities cannot handle nationally. Therefore we need international organisations like ATTAC, who can push for international agreements and regulations that are not popular in the private sector, and that the different states cannot impose alone.

Do not destroy the recruitment potential of ATTAC by presenting ATTAC as a movement against the new economy and globalisation as such … dreaming about "the possibility of another world", as a boardmember wrote in a almost religious statement from the interim administration of ATTAC Norway (www.attac.no).

ATTAC is endangered by being placed on the left side of people's mental map, where a centralised economic bureaucracy is set up against the perspective of a periphery-people's democracy. Such a development will place ATTAC on the political left - right axis and looses a lot of power and recruitment potential.

ATTAC was born in and founded upon the new economy. Don't tear down its fundament! 



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